Hello World

Those two words — clearly innocent when looked at individually — always combine together to seemingly destroy the harmonious sanctity of a fresh slate. It’s almost as if we’re plucking away the petals of a newly blossoming rose petal, plucking away petal by petal, until we’re left with nothing but a lonely and tattered stem. And rarely, does the destruction of such beauty lead to even newer and greater things.

But for years, programmers have all begun their journeys by making these two words appear on the screen for the first time, tossing away any sense of freshness in exchange for a headfirst plunge into learning a new language. In these cases, destruction is grand, it is majestic, it is welcomed. For us, taking that first babystep in the right direction is ceremonial, marking a journey into the unknown that will inevitably be worth the effort put in. Heck, my Twitter account actually started off the same way back in July of 2011. Goodbye fresh slate, hello world.

On that note, I can think of no better way to begin my personal blog, where I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned, my ideas for the future, and whatever else I want to say. I hope you’ll join me.