My CS50 Section Slides

Fall of 2015 introduced the whirlwind that is Harvard’s CS50 to Yale, quickly becoming “the most popular course in Yale College.” Providing a strong support network, particularly one spearheaded by other students, is one of the key pedagogical backbones of the course. At Yale, this took the shape of a team of 29 students hosting nightly question and debugging sessions, weekly 90-minute teaching sections, and a slew of other activities like a hackathon and the CS50 Fair.

I’ve compiled all of my personal teaching slides from the Fall 2015 semester below.


Here’s a breakdown of what was covered:

  • Section 1 (Supersection): exploring the CS50 Appliance (a customized Cloud9 workspace), basic Unix commands, data types, operators, conditionals, loops, functions — Video
  • Section 2: arrays, strings, ASCII, functions, command-line arguments — Slides
  • Section 3: the GDB debugger, asymptotic notation and algorithmic complexity, binary search, sorting algorithms — Slides
  • Section 4: Unix pipes and redirection, file I/O, memory management, pointers — Slides
  • Section 5: linked lists, hashtables — Slides
  • Section 6: stacks, queues, linked lists, hashtables — Slides
  • Section 7: chmod, HTML, CSS, TCP/IP, HTTP — Slides
  • Section 8: PHP, SQL, MVC — Slides
  • Section 9: Javascript, the DOM, jQuery, AJAX — Slides